High Return Rates Don’t Have to be Your ‘New Normal.’

Returns just go with the territory in retail, and always will. That’s okay. What’s not okay are growing - and unmanaged – return rates that are a big drag on the bottom line. Finally, you don’t have to live with high and unmanageable return rates anymore.

Retailers can gain the insights they need to understand, control and reduce return rates.

Introducing Chief Returns OfficerTM from Newmine.

Retailers have Nailed the “What and How.” It’s Time to Figure Out the “Why.”

Most Retailers have their returns processes all buttoned up. With their own operations – logistics, disposition and processes – retailers have worked out all the kinks and know how to handle returns. What they don’t do is combine all the data they can access to uncover root causes. If they can’t see problems, they can’t fix them.

Chief Returns OfficerTM changes this dynamic. Enabling teams to quickly identify and resolve root causes – technical, operational, and product-specific – it helps them to manage and reduce return rates.

Chief Returns Officer Tackles the Challenges

Chief Returns Officer is a proactive, persistent, and collaborative system with advanced, artificial intelligence capabilities for monitoring, analyzing and reducing returns.

It’s like adding a world-class returns expert to the staff – without adding the additional headcount!

Key Features

Chief Returns Officer is easy to use and simple to integrate with existing systems. Key features include:

  • • Prescriptive insights, visualizations, and easy drill-downs
  • • Holistic views of integrated data from all channels, sources, and business functions
  • • Collaborative workflow engine with group and role-based alerting, messaging, and task tracking

Built by a Team That Knows Retail

Chief Returns OfficerTM is developed by Newmine, a global omni-channel retail consulting firm focused on Strategy, Technology, and Operations. Our veteran team has a long history of solving operations and technology challenges at clients like Coach, Barneys New York, Express, Title Nine, Cavender’s Boot City and many others.

Chief Returns Officer was created to address the demanding financial and operational challenges of customer returns.

Every $1M reduction in your returns will add at least $0.5M back to Your Bottom Line.

Let us show you how.

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